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UV Technology

UV Technology

Semiconductor in Health and Hygiene

Ultraviolet light is a part of our environment and is generated by the sun. It can also be produced using technology including mercury lamps and more recently LEDs. There are a number of significant biological effects that result from exposure to ultraviolet light at specific wavelengths. Water purification and surface and air disinfection are common applications for UV light. Until recently, mercury lamps were the only available light source but they are large, expensive, fragile, and contain mercury, a toxic material.

Today, the most advanced LED technology can also produce ultraviolet light and it can be targeted to the specific wavelengths that have the greatest impact and their intensity can be digitally adjusted or controlled. These LEDs use the same core semiconductor processes that are used for LEDs that we now find in general illumination. Now, with all the benefits of LEDs: long life, no mercury, no lead, small and robust, UV technology is available for integration into a broad range of both professional and home applications that can improve everyone’s health and hygiene. It’s the dawn of the Microchip of Health.


RayVio’s UV LEDs emit ultraviolet light in the deep UV range that can irradiate surfaces, air and water. This type of UV light is absorbed strongly by the DNA, RNA and proteins of microorganisms. By absorbing this energy a photochemical reaction is triggered that breaks the DNA’s chemical bonds and thereby killing the bacteria, virus or mold. This effect is why this type of UV light is called germicidal UV.

UV Technology Advantages

RayVio’s UV light is highly effective against a wide range of microbes, including antibiotic and chemical resistant ones that cause hospital acquired infections (HAI)

UV light does not change the odor or taste of water or air that has been disinfected

RayVio’s small, compact UV LED sources enable end-use locations, like faucets, and portable applications

RayVio’s UV LEDs do not contain mercury or other hazardous substances that are found in other UV light sources